Leisure Athletic Workout Bench

Designed for the

perfect home workout

Includes all dumbbells and resistance bands


Designed for the

perfect home workout

Includes all dumbbells and resistance bands

Designed for the perfect home HIIT workout

Colour co-ordinated dumbbells
2.5kg to 12.5kg

Under-seat storage for 12 pairs of resistance bands and cuffs

5 Position Incline Backrest

Powder coated solid frame

Full size training mat

Compact size

Requiring an area of just 2m2, training wherever you like with the workout bench.

5 position incline backrest

Flexibility and comfort to focus on the muscle groups you want, the bench is fully adjustable to your workout.

Accessories included

Everything you need to train is already here, including colour-coordinated dumbbells 2.5kg to 12.5kg, resistance bands and a durable training mat.

Robust powder coated steel

High quality construction and materials

High-tech engineering and a powder coated solid frame mean durable and resistant equipment that is built to withstand daily training.

Robust powder coated steel

Equipment to match your training intensity

Choose freely from 5 different weights and 12 resistance and distance elastic bands, conveniently stored in one place.

High Quality Training Mat

A high quality training mat with storage

A professional-level training mat that is easy to clean and kept neatly stored in a practical storage space under the bench. All your equipment is always nearby as you train.

Train your way

Bands in a variety of resistances and lengths

Freedom to choose your workout and take it one step further with four bands of varying resistances and lengths, plus comfortable handles, and ankle cuffs.


5 position incline back rest​

Explore different exercises and routines with comfort and safety in multiple positions, adjustable to you to perform chest presses, dumbbell bench presses, split squats and more.

large under seat storage

Keep everything in the right place

All of your equipment is neatly packed away in a clever storage space underneath the bench.
Built to last

Durable faux leather upholstery

Resistant, easy to clean, cruelty free faux leather upholstery for durability and comfort.


Easy to move

A convenient handles make your workout bench portable and easy to move.

A comprehensive range of exercises

The flexibility of an adjustable bench plus multiple possibilities of weight and resistances invite you to explore a wide range of exercises to progress your workout.

Train anywhere you want

Store it, move it, use it anywhere. Your complete gym takes up just 2m2 of space. Everything you need for your workout is conveniently packed away and remains compact.

Included Accessories

Dumbells 2.5kg to 12.5kg

5 pairs of octagon dumbells to improve and train your strength, colour coordinated to heart rate and intensity.

Full size training mat

Full size, durable training mat

4 Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

4 resistances with 3 lengths per resistance, includes ankle cuffs and handles.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 44.5 x 14.8 x 17.9 in / 1129 x 376 x 455 mm

Weight 217.2 lbs / 98.8 kg

Net weight 77.6 lbs / 35.2 kg

Max user weight 264.6 lbs / 120 kg

Dumbbells: 5 pairs: 2.5 kg / 5 kg / 7.5 kg / 10 kg / 12.5 kg

Elastic bands: 12 pair of bands with ankle cuffs and handles
4 resistances with 3 lengths per resistance

Full Size Mat: 1 piece


All you need for the

complete workout