About Leisure Athletic

Leisure Athletic is a UK-based company specialising in home exercise equipment. Focusing on clever design and practicality to serve real-life needs, we build intelligent and durable fitness tools for you to train hard.

The home exercise equipment market is rapidly growing in the UK, with more and more people wanting to live a healthier life. We understand the need for a complete workout station that can be used anywhere, anytime, neatly packed away when you’re finished, ready to use when you want it.


Our aim is to create professional grade fitness equipment that offers you everything you need for a complete workout at your home or office, adjustable to you and your lifestyle.


We use modern, high-tech materials and precisely engineered manufacturing processes to offer you reliable, durable, fairly priced equipment.


Leisure Athletic’s high quality workout benches bring enduring opportunities to expand the basic workout. Challenge your body and go beyond standard chest presses and engage in a variety of weightlifting and bodyweight exercises using various angles and strengths, with comfort and safety always in mind.


Your fitness routine goes from mundane to creative by incorporating different muscle groups through a range of exercises, without the crowds at the gym.


Work out your full body more effectively, training your lower and upper body simultaneously with the convenient portability of our adjustable workout bench.


It’s space-saving,can be easily transported, and the versatility of the incline backrest and exceptional accessories means you can adjust the focus of your workout to crush your fitness goals.